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July 2011 >>

BDG Gateway-America:

UK supplier and refurbisher of arc chutes and liquid rheostats USA market entry. - USA market eval,entry & company set up
Meeting with Jersey Wine producer wishes to enter the USA market. - USA market eval,entry, logistcs management
Meeting with International Business School, Jersey ref USA opportunities. - USA representation & seminars

BDG Gateway-UK:

Commence assignment for Command Sport, ref live streaming of Sporting events - UK V/C and market development
UK CAD /CAM aerospace A300 designer targeting the USA market. - USA market eevaluation & entry
Indian horse breeding company looking at setting up business in the UK - UK business set up and representation

June 2011 >>

BDG Gateway-America:

David Warr revisits the UK for MIGHTON Products.
Meeting with Yeovil Town Football club business development in the USA
Meeting with RDB Concepts Ltd, UK IT management outsourcing commencing USA market entry in August.
Senior Partner Paul Savage returns to the USA.
Progression with USA Dominium Realty company - UK & Europe evaluation & entry
Completion of MME assignment for USA Buffalo Leather furniture in Europe- UK & Europe evaluation & entry
Prospective assignment for GBP20 mill UK food supplier entering the USA - USA market evaluation & entry

BDG Gateway-UK:

Prospective MME assignment with UK leading ceramic tile manufacturer looking to enter the USA market - sales development
Progression with leading UK Car Coating company -USA market evaluation & entry
Meeting with UK Sporting accessory manufacturer for Skis looking to enter the USA market -USA market evaluation & entry
Strategic alliances being made with regional and national chamber networks.
UK IT Security company looking to develop USA market-USA market evaluation & entry.

May 2011 >>

BDG Gateway-America:

Commence assignment with USA Encap Inc. High Tec exterior coating for housing & properties.- USA,UK & Europe evaluation & entry
David Warr revisits Hawaii for MIGHTON Products and contract with USMC Military for the Angel Ventlock Product.
Commence new assignment with UK IT software systems company.- USA evaluation & entry
Senior Partner Paul Savage visits the UK market supporting EMC Solutions and other ongoing UK clients.
Progression with Canadian company recycling car tires into Roof tiles destined for the UK market.- UK & Europe evaluation & entry
Ongoing assignment for USA Buffalo Leather furniture in Europe.
Indian cotton producer assignment to enter the USA.- USA,UK & Europe evaluation & entry

BDG Gateway-UK:

Prospective MME assignment with UK leading ceramic tile manufacturer looking to enter the USA market.- USA evaluation & entry
Progression with leading UK Car Coating company.- USA evaluation & entry
Strategic alliances continue being made with regional and national UK chamber networks for Gatway-America.
UK Fleet Air Arm Museum, to market in the USA - USA evaluation & entry

April 2011 >>

BDG Gateway-America:

Negotiations with a leading USA Laser Optics company producing target aquisition systems for the Military
plans to approach UK OEMs.- UK & Europe evaluation & entry

Progression with Florida Real Estate company looking to set up UK operations.- ,UK & Europe evaluation & entry
Brazillian Chamber event and prospects of working with organisations in Rio.
Received visit from John Goult, Senior Partner, Gateway-UK.

BDG Gateway-UK:

National team created to field internataional business across the UK and other EU countries.
John Goult & Martin Stevens head up UK office activities.
ibd South West regional meeting held in Bristol.

March 2011 >>

March sees David Warr in the UK Gateway office progressing the following developments :

All terrain vehicles OEM - UK to USA Market entry/development
Organising UK South West Business Conference - early April
Protective coatings Auto and other industries - UK to USA/North America
Fibre Optic Brideging - UK to USA

Gateway -America USA office progressing -

Nutritional Sports Food Suppliments - USA to UK/EU
Specialist LED lighting - USA to UK/EU
Composite Roofing Materials- Canada to UK/EU
Laser & Elctro Optics - USA to UK
MRO research for Canadian Gov - Canada to USA
USA Ales - USA to UK

Gateway -Pacific Office progressing -

Hawaii OEM sector exports program - Hawaii to UK/EU
Handi-Shim development - USA to Hawaii

Feb 2011 >>

Canada to UK: Succesfull contract with Leading Canadian specialist software producer - custom CRM & Administration sporting solutions. Successful first stage entry to FA league clubs.

USA to UK: Contracted to Leading USA high end leather furniture manufacturer - initial UK and EU market entry research activity during March.

Meetings with leading UK : Network -TELCO equipment manufacturers, Auto surface protection products, Soccer Training Systems, Static mobile homes manufacturer ( pending) all destined for the USA.

Planned UK development visit by David Warr, strategic alliances and further UK business development.

Jan 2011 >>

Attended PHMA exhibition for Mighton Products; CORTS Engineering Germany commenced the Americas development program; EMC Solutions 2011 dvelopment initiative commenced.
New members to our team include: Paul Savage - Senior IT & Communications Consultant, Account researchers - Colby Loetz, Kamel Tejeda & Mike Postorino.

Dec 2010 >>

Hawaii business development visit on behalf of Mighton Products UK went very well, also strategic BDG Gateway-Pacfic office in Hawaii planned for new year.
Discussing contract with leading USA LED design and product development company with focus upon the UK.

Nov 2010 >>

Announced that MIGHTON PRODUCTS have now appointed a National USA distributor ROTO FRANK of AMERICA; plans to visit Hawaii in early Dec for strategic and luctative US Military supply contact.

Oct 2010 >>

Developments for Handi-Shim Corp in the Eastern Bloc Market, contracted to undertake business development for exclusive new USA Alternative Energy corp.
Discussions with USA Buffalo Hide furniture manufacturer for an 8 market development assignment.

Sept 2010 >>

Discussions with CORTS Corporation of Germany regarding North American Office formation and market development activities. Commissioned to undertake USA IT & Communications review for leading UK PLC.

Aug 2010 >>

Commenced USA market evaluation for Quantock Breweries of Somerset, also agreed co partnership with TECH REP UK Ltd for the formation of the Internatational Technical Representation Association.

July 2010

Commencing a USA market entry program for RDB Concepts Ltd of the UK, Commenced initial CE mark certification for Superior Lifts of Daytona ready for UK/EU market entry.

June 2010 >>

New from the EU for USA clients include: MYRRA Corp, leading transformer OEM from France, ongoing alliance with COPERNICUS CONSULTING and CCL part of the ONYX GROUP.
May 2010 >>

Presently negotiating UK-European alliance with leading UK consultancy provider. Discussions ongoing through June, cooperation already established. This will result in alliance offices in the following countries: Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, China, Dubai, Singapore, Turkey, Canada, Poland and Spain.

Trade Team PEI successfully completed. Canadian businesses destined for success this summer. Return visit to Florida in early 2011.

Dayle Moore and Kristine Ramirez are new additions to research team commencing June 1st.

Pursuing international trade development for floral accessories company and commercial lifting equipment company in Florida.

Contracted to launch market entry program for leading British data management company.

Completing negotiations with key French electrical component manufacturer.

Negotiations to represent Canadian seafood producer.

March 2010 >>

Secured contract for Canadian PEI Trade mission to Florida in May 2010.

Prospects of Gateway- Russia & Gateway- Austria discussed.

Initial details of multi site Trade Show program for US manufacturers in Europe. US materials company to visit TRL in the UK.

February 2010 >>

UK campaign to support potential UK exporters for the USA Reviewing French client requirements - USA representation

Gateway-Germany office secured

January 2010 >>

BDG supported Mighton Products at the International Builders Show

Represented Handi-Shim at the DoItBest Expo

Working with new clients Anglo-USA Food market

New staff inducted into BDG

DECEMBER 2009 >>

Plans to set up Gateway Germany

December 11th - January 4th Chief Executive, David Warr, visits UK to preside at Gateway UK board meeting
and consolidate new alliances

NOVEMBER 2009 >>

Gateway America attended the Baltimore ICC Conference - successful event

Qualtest Labs stage one of the South Eastern USA market program commences

EMC establishes key opportunity in Canadian market

Strategic UK alliance in the food industry - Anglo-USA & US Anglo business development

Gateway UK and USA establish financial and accounting support system for transatlantic business

Jive Systems new video email contracts with Gateway USA and UK

UK businesses expand to enter US marketplace: high end office furniture from Switzerland, ruggedized
computers, and switching power supply transformers

OCTOBER 2009 >>

Gateway America client, Mighton Products, clenches deal with Fortune 500 Company

Gateway America represents Mighton Products at the National NARPM Conference

Gateway UK new offices established new alliance and strategic planning for European Market


September, 2009

Gateway-America client  Handi-Shim Corporation, launches its next stage in market development both in the USA and the European Markets. Gaterway-UK will be looking to investigate and secure market entry for Handi-Shim during a business development visit to
the UK in October.
AUGUST 2009 >>

August, 2009

Alliance agreement to partner with Tech - Rep UK Ltd, UK market Leader in Technical sales Representation for the UK and Europe.
This move undoubtably enhances the service portfolio and capabilities of both companies, Gateway-UK and Europe will co-locate at the Tech-Rep Ltd offices in the UK commencing October 2009.

Gateway - America to contract and represent QUALTEST INC in developing both the USA and other International markets. Qualtest is one of the leading Test Lab organisations in the USA providing an almost unsurpassed and extensive one stop shop service profile to both the Envornmental and EMC industries.

JULY 2009 >>

July, 2009

Planning for Gateway offices in Spain, Dubai and in the Netherlands is being progressedthis summer. 

A new alliance was formed with IMA in the USA and UK. This alliance is to promote opportunity for USA and UK investment programs, specifically a partnership with EB5 processing centers in the USA.

Gateway - USA and UK join in promoting new mini market evaluations (MME) for UK and USA companies. The new service will allow low cost but comprehensive 'toe in the water' in overseas markets. This service has proven to be cost effective, tried and proven procedure conducted for both USA and UK government departments.

JUNE 2009 >>

June, 2009

Gateway - UK visit and confirm launch of BDG office in Taunton. The Gateway UK office is in alliance with Tech-rep UK Ltd. This new alliance will expand the scope of both companies in the UK and USA.

Gateway - UK management of staff is projected to be in place October 2009.

Conducted a focus group on behalf of Mighton Products. The focus group took place in Orlando with SMU Productions.

MAY 2009 >>

May, 2009

Gateway - USA represents Mighton Products at national industry association and receives commendations from window OEMs. 

APRIL 2009 >>

April, 2009

Mighton Products secure national partnership with USA market leader for new safety mechanism for double-hung windows. 

MARCH 2009 >>

March, 2009

Gateway - USA completed negotiations with Gateway Latin America - Columbia.
Secured agreement for pharmaceutical innovation into Latin America on behalf of  a USA

In conjunction with UK alliances, Gateway- America offers a special low cost USA Mini Market Evaluation to eligible UK companies to assist with initial New Market Evaluation in the USA.

The new Gateway- Spain office is projected to be launched this month and will be coordinating assignments in the Medical sector and other sectors in accordance with the recently formed BDG Latin Division and Gateway - Latin America.

Gateway -UK negotiates a business support agreement with USA based World Trade Organization & American Business Group to promote EB5 Visa application and USA business acquisitions for UK companies.

FEBRUARY 2009 >>

February , 2009

A new assignment with Cartagena, Columbia based Bariatric Surgical Group sees the commencement of a pro-active Medical Tourism Promotion program in the USA, Canada & Europe

Gateway -UK commences a stage 1 market evaluation for USA based BS Inc corp. The company designs & produces specific business systems software for the Aerospace & Defense sector and is looking to establish a strategic alliances and to commence UK contracts mid 2009.

BDG International enters a UK strategic alliance to provide USA and other companies with all encompassing event support at Exhibitions and events in the UK.

With the completion of the initial Angel-Ventlock launch for MIGHTON PRODUCTS Ltd Gateway-America is pleased to announce key prestigious agreements within the multi million $ USA Window industry.

Gateway America supports Handi-Shim Corp at the Orgill Show in Orlando. Handi-Shim are now set for significant USA and International orders for 2009.





"In today's uncertain economic climate it's critical that wherever possible companies have more than the one home market revenue in place" - Director of WCO

BDG Gateway Market Evaluation and Development services provide ideal support and development methods. These are tried and tested for use with companies who can demonstrate existing home market success, innovative products or services, a true commitment and the financial resources to evaluate and open new markets overseas, an existing under performing market presence, or are experienced exporters looking to enter new vertical markets.

In liaison with its other International Gateway Offices, International Partners, necessary government departments and specialist partners we are able to provide qualified information and advice. This experienced and cost effective 'first stop' is deemed essential before you commit to the market or can justify further development and expansion.



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