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We are always looking to expand upon the existing international network and to add new territories!

Any proposed new Gateway Office would operate as a bone fide subcontracted service provider, joining the BDG-International Group as the Alliance and Gateway Office for your country/region.

You/your associate consultants would be remunerated on an assignment contract case by case basis as and when they were identified and presented by the existing global offices via Gateway America, Canada, UK, Europe (various states) Russia, Middle East, Scandinavia, Japan, Malaysia and China and you would be expected to generate outward business opportunities as a reciprocal arrangement.

In summary, Gateway - America, and the International Gateway offices around the world would identify and provide you with market entry research or development assignments to distribute to your team to execute. Also in reverse, we would expect the Global Gateway offices to receive assignments from your region/s and from companies looking to develop the USA and other international markets.

The assignments could be all encompassing ranging from basic pre market entry research to partner/distributor searches and setting up subsidiaries on behalf of the clients.

Your team and yourself would receive an individual project brief to quote against. You would be paid 50% upon commencement of each stage and the balance upon completion of the assignments (agreed 70-30% assignment value Split ) and would benefit from the group support, the international business tools and of course, being part of a Global network of reciprocating offices who each in turn would benefit from your existence as you would theirs.

BDG Gateway Office Requirements Consist of:

  1. A credible and proven track record of capabilities, experience and understanding of International Business
  2. An existing office base from which to operate.
  3. The ability to follow proven consultancy business structures and compliance with an agreed code of practice.
  4. Agreement to a % split of revenue of the assignments.
  5. Capital, for set up costs and to reciprocate in territory marketing.
    BDG-International Group Will Provide:
  6. Support in developing an International Consultancy operation/team (tested business systems, practice, credibility, clients, business operations documentation etc.)
    Guidance in setting up your territory and international reciprocal operations.
  7. Guidance in business, marketing structure and implementation.

Typical Gateway Directors

The ideal candidate should come from a background which has encompassed both practical International business development and ideally that of Consultancy and project management. He / she should ideally have both academic qualifications and min 5 years practical experience (more important than academic). If you are interested in this exciting and growing network and becoming one of the Gateway -Alliance offices, then please immediately contact myself.

David S Warr, MIEx.LAE
President and CEO of BDG-International
and Gateway-America

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