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Support for each BDG Gateway Office Consists of:

Export Potential Analysis: Export market research and intelligence gathering to identify and confirm product and business viability, market potential, identification of viable target markets, sourcing and identification of potential agents, distributors, importers, dealers, partners etc.

Strategic business and marketing planning: Advice on 'best practice', creation and development of methodology for successful corporate market entry, business development / improvement and planning for sustained profitable growth.

Implementation: New market corporate set up, presentation and route to market, product development, sales and marketing operations & procedures implementation in the form of dedicated 'hands on' support and training for all export marketing and management activities. 

International Business Development: Specific International trade  and  business  development  activities  including;  Market   research, Product and maket evaluations, Joint Venture programs,  new business start up facilities sourcing (market presence office base, address, tel number warehouse, sales, distribution etc.)

Pre-Market Entry Needs:

  • Market Evaluation activities
  • Product Evaluation activities
  • Distributor/Agent sourcing
  • Manufacturing Under License search
  • Product Certification requirements
  • Research & Development and grants
  • Joint Venture partner and investment search
  • Financial advice /investment
  • Business/Market planning/Marketing
  • Sourcing initial customer base prospects
  • Competition search & evaluation

Post-Market Entry Needs:

  • Office mailing address for your company
  • Office and production facilities sourcing
  • Field Sales Representation & territory management
  • Banking, accounting & legal services
  • Staff recruitment
  • Production or assembly line set up & management
  • Field Sales Force & Administration
  • Sales & marketing management
  • Distribution logistics management
  • Product Service engineers
  • After sales service management
  • Advertising & PR
  • Exhibition planning
  • Sub-contract product fabrication or assembly


BDG Gateway Office Requirements Consist of:

  1. Practical, qualified and unbiased ‘in market' advice

  2. An interim ‘in market' corporate office base (shared or dedicated), administration, secretarial, communications, mail, conference and meeting rooms

  3. Exhibition or events planning and support

  4. Market research and product or service evaluation
    (government grant supported where eligible)

  5. Target market entry, route to market assessment and development planning

  6. Product and services business launch, US subsidiary incorporation and management

  7. Appropriate product certification advice, planning and management (ETL approvals)

  8. Sales plan development, marketing advice, planning & territory management

  9. Business management and sales development – sourcing and management of agents, distributors and joint - venture partners

  10. An experienced supporting professional team experienced in - legal, marketing & sales media, logistics, finance & product certification issues

  11. Sourcing of reliable sub-assembly or production partners

  12. Shared or dedicated warehousing, freight forwarding, stock fulfillment and assembly services

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